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Supriya is the new little girl I’m sponsoring. She just turned six two weeks ago. I didn’t know—so I’m sending her a late birthday card with the next package to India, which will leave next week.

Supriya has two brothers and a sister. Her parents are trying hard to support all of them, but like many hard-working Indian families, their wages aren’t enough to cover even the basics. My sponsorship program helps by providing Supriya with education, food, and medical care.

Supriya wants to be a doctor when she grows up—so ambitious! I also learned that she loves photography. I love it, too; my camera is one of the most important traveling essentials I have. Do you remember the pictures I took while I was in India?

I wish I had known about Supriya while I was there—maybe I would have been able to meet her. Next time, hopefully, I will.

So here’s what I’m thinking: since Supriya loves photography and collects pictures, why don’t we send her some for her birthday? I am sending her a few photos.

On my commute from Staten Island to Manhattan, I get to ride past the Statue of Liberty. I took this picture with my iPhone!

When I’m in Rome, I love the sight of St. Peters Basilica glowing in the skyline. I love going home to Italy.

But can some of you across the country send me pictures from your cities? You can send them right to me at smile@cnewa.org. Something beautiful, something interesting, something that will show a little girl in India what it’s like to be in the United States…

I’ll send print-outs to Supriya with a special message from all of us. Thank you so much in advance!


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Hello Readers! Welcome to my new blog.

I will hopefully be posting more and more, but just to get started, allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Gabe Delmonaco. I’m Italian but I’ve been in the United States for nearly a decade. My wife, my son and I live in Staten Island in New York. She’s a teacher, and I’m the US National Secretary at CNEWA United States. CNEWA is a pretty complicated organization, so read more about that here.

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