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I can’t wait to go home–Beatrice is already there, getting ready for our party tonight! And I know the commute will be a little insane with today’s unexpected snow storm!

A Time Magazine article I read this week got me thinking.  “The Worst Decade”–that’s what they claim 2000-2009 is. Apparently, we’re more disillusioned now that ever. Wars, refugees, natural disasters…

They do have a point–we entered and exited this decade in a recession. And it seems like the weather is against us these days–doesn’t it?

But wonderful things have happened for me in the last decade. My son was born in 2000. I moved to the United States with my family and I love living here. Even the last year hasn’t been all bad.

Twice this year, I was able to travel to Ethiopia to see the child I’m sponsoring through our program at work. Her name is Haymanot; she’s so lovely! I feel inspired by her optimism in the face of great obstacles. Here is a slideshow from my trip in March, 2009: slideshow.

I’m inspired, too, by the donors of CNEWA. As I mentioned in our year-end newsletter, I was prepared for the worst in 2009. But the donors’ generosity exceeded our goals! There is still a lot to do in the countries we serve. But we are still alive and kicking and willing to light more candles instead of cursing the darkness. I’m going into 2010 optimistic. And, provided the traffic isn’t terrible, I’ll start that celebration soon!


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Merry Christmas! What a wonderful time of year to start a blog–everything is so happy and about new beginnings.

We can’t forget longtime connection too. Recently, I heard from a long-time donor–and I wanted to share this story of selfless generosity with you.

As many of you know, I work for an organization that provides aid to the neediest children in the Middle East, India and Northeast Africa. Some of them have nothing without the support of our donors. At Christmastime, it’s common for donors to send extra donations with the intention of the money purchasing a Christmas present for the child.

Listen to this:

One of our children, a little girl named Sheena, gladly accepted her Christmas gift. Soccer balls, art supples and hair bows are common choices for the youngsters. But this little girl didn’t buy anything for herself. She contributed her gift to her family’s finances and helped buy her sick mother medicine!

Imagine living in a situation where essentials like medicine and food are generous gifts from others. No toys or presents! And still, this little girl gave up her gift to help her family. What a good lesson at this time of year!

I hope that we can all learn from her story–I know it’s touched my heart (and I was stressed because I didn’t know what to get my wife for Christmas!) Many thanks also to the donor who passed this lovely story along, it bolsters my spirts and only pushes me to work harder!

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Hello Readers! Welcome to my new blog.

I will hopefully be posting more and more, but just to get started, allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Gabe Delmonaco. I’m Italian but I’ve been in the United States for nearly a decade. My wife, my son and I live in Staten Island in New York. She’s a teacher, and I’m the US National Secretary at CNEWA United States. CNEWA is a pretty complicated organization, so read more about that here.

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